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Lethal Rhythms’ Interview with Annette Roxie and Chaviano Couture

Annette Roxie

One of the coolest aspects of my job, as a Lethal Rhythms Team Member, is having the opportunity to interview other vendors in the industry. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing a very unique and chic vendor, Chaviano Couture and its designer Annette Roxie. Chaviano Couture is not your average bridal gown boutique; it’s much more. Chaviano creates an experience that personalizes your vision of the perfect gown and brings it to life. Each dress is custom designed and tailored to a specific bride. You will not find another dress like yours when choosing Chaviano Couture! Another amazing aspect of Chaviano is the designer herself. After interviewing Annette, Chaviano grew with meaning, it is no longer “another ordinary gown vendor,” it is the stepping-stone towards every brides fairytale wedding.

Let’s meet the designer Annette Roxie!

Annette Roxie Bio

Unlike anyone else, Lethal Rhythms is dedicated to creating moments that are centered on your personal Style, Taste, and Vision. Lethal Rhythms takes pride in getting to know individuals and sharing the story that connects them with their soul mate. As I was getting to know Annette, I asked her the infamous question of how her and her adoring husband, Jared, met. She simply replied:

“ It was my first year of college and I was walking along the campus, at Southern Everest University in Tennessee, when I randomly spotted a really cute guy. I had no idea who he was. A couple days later, I was sitting in class and met a girl who wanted to introduce me to her brother. Oddly enough, it was the cute boy on campus and his name is Jared. We have been together for 9 years!”


Everyone has been wondering what all the hype is behind the chosen name Chaviano Couture! Can you tell me how you decided upon such a creative name?

Mr. and Mrs. Chaviano

“Chaviano is my maiden name. I am the only child and growing up, I was always in love with my last name. I chose Chaviano to honor my parents family name and to keep my Cuban heritage alive.”

If you had to choose three adjectives that best describe Chaviano Couture, what would they be?

“Hmmm… I would have to say unique, because each dress is a custom sketch created by myself. My second word would have to be romantic because I am creating gowns that give my brides their immaculate moment on their wedding day. And last but not least, personalized because I hand make each gown to give our brides a more personalized look and feel to her gown.”

The one question that I found the most interesting was how Annette became involved in this industry, being that she went to school and became an RN.

“ Well, I was not able to find a wedding dress that was perfect for my wedding day, so I ended up creating my own. I fell in love with this concept and took it from there!”

What is the inspiration for your work?

“ Well as we know, I went to school to be an RN. So, I truly invest my time in this industry because it is a passion of mine. Most of my inspiration comes from my family and daily life. Each dress in my 2011 collection is named after one of my family members. I truly believe in personalizing everything in my company.”

What separates your style from other designers or what makes your design so unique?

“I created my collection to have a different style of dress. My dresses are all convertible. This means that you can have your dress long and then make it short with a simple touch! This allows for the bride to remain with one dress throughout her ceremony and reception, without the hassle of pinning it up. Pinning up your dress takes a chance in ruining the material as well. By having a dress that is convertible, your dress stays stunning and spotless.”

Britteny Leigh Gown- Chaviano Couture

Can you describe a specific moment or experience that has touched you while working with a bride?

“ I have been I the wedding industry since 2006, but I launched my company in 2009. So I have had many amazing memories with a variety of brides. I recently designed a dress for one bride that really touched me. Her mother was terminally diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t expected to live very long past a month or so. Her daughter was engaged and decided to get married sooner than later, so that her mother would have the honor of seeing her get married. She wanted me to design a custom gown for her and told me her wedding was the following weekend. As I was designing her dress, I could see her and her mother bonding. Her mother was laughing and smiling the entire time as she watched her daughter wear her gown. Knowing that I helped to create such a magical and loving moment for her and her mother to share together really touched my heart. It was by far a beautiful moment that will remain with me for many years to come.”

Can you explain the meaning behind “The Cause Behind Each Dress” and how you brought this aspect of charity into your company and where do you contribute to?

“ I absolutely love and adore dresses, but I feel there is more to it. Though I feel my dresses give a special meaning to brides, I wanted them to mean more to society. So I created a concept. Every time a bride purchases one of my gowns, a donation is given to a charity. I feel this brings more meaning to the dress knowing they are contributing to an amazing cause.”


The Cause Behind Each Dress- Chaviano Couture

“ My husband runs a non-profit organization for charities all around the world. Proceeds contribute to schools in Haiti and India to provide food and education about Agriculture for all citizens. I visited Bethlehem, Israel and fell in love with the city. I work with charities there and my proceeds provide food and medicine for everyone. In addition to Haiti, India, and Bethlehem, proceeds also contribute to Mozambique, Africa towards clean water. I love giving back and I feel this is an amazing way to do so! My heart is warmed knowing that every purchase is helping another in some way, big or small.”


Last, but not least, we would like to know why brides would choose to have a custom wedding dress designed for their wedding day?

Annette Sketch 1

“ More and more into society as a whole, everything has been geared towards being personalized. Everyone has their own, unique personalities and by having a custom designed dress, my brides incorporate their personal touch. Having a custom dress also allows you to feature sentimental pieces into the gown. I feel weddings have become a lot more family oriented and this is an awesome way to incorporate meaning into your gown.”

Lethal Rhythms takes pride in building friendships and finds this to be an important aspect of creating your own Style, Taste, and Vision. Thank you Annette for taking the time to share your inspiring and fascinating story with us! We appreciate the time and all the dedication you have put forth in creating enchanting moments for each bride, while giving back in the process! We know thousands of brides wishes will come true for their special day when they choose the Chaviano Couture experience!

Lethal Rhythms

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