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Top 5 Wedding Favors for 2011

In addition to your preparation checklist, party favors are a necessity! Lethal Rhythms knows it can be a hassle to remember this minute task, but it is an important one. You want your guests to not only feel welcomed, but appreciated as well. Though small, incorporating party favors into your wedding day can make all the difference! Below, we have listed the top 5 party favors that are sure to make your guests feel cherished.

Majestic Photo Booth- Lethal Photo Booths

Lethal Booths

Lethal booths are a great way to capture your inspiring moments for a lifetime. Not only are photo booths a lot of fun, but they also provide another source of entertainment for your guests to enjoy. Each booth is equipped with the latest technology, double prints for you to share, and the latest ink application so your photos will always remain fresh and new! Book a photo booth for your next event and start creating memorable moments for you and all your guests.

Lethal Flip Books

Lethal Flip Books

Lethal Flip Books are another great way to capture your guest’s attention! Flip books consist of a series of pictures that gradually simulate motion to create an image when you flip through them rapidly! They are creative favors and perfect for guests of all ages to enjoy. Book your Lethal Flip Book for any occasion and bring home these charming favors for you and everyone to cherish!

Lethal Rhythms Customized CD's

Lethal Customized CDs’

In addition to Lethal Video, Lethal Customized CD’s are perfect for any themed wedding! These thoughtful gifts allow your guests to remember your special day as if it were yesterday. Our customized CD’s come with a custom label that is personalized to your Style, Taste, and Vision. Remind your guests of all the memorable moments of your special day with this thoughtful favor.

Lethal Rhythms Customized Wine Bottles

Unforgettable Customized Wine Bottles

Create one of-a-kind memories for any occasion with our unforgettable custom wine bottles! Our custom labels and bottles are personalized for your memorable moments and can be catered to any theme. Send your guests home with a personal message of appreciation that they will be sure to enjoy!

Chrome Heart Shaped Bottle Stopper

Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper

Topped with the everlasting symbol of love, these party favors are perfect and charming. The chrome coloring gives these favors an elegant and chic tone. Adding these personal reminders to your customized wine bottle is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your party favors. Give a gift your guests will be sure to love and keep for a life-time in memory of your special day.

Lethal Rhythms LOGO

Lethal Rhythms understands how important every little detail is when it comes to your special day. This is why we specialize in making sure every moment is as perfect and memorable as can be! In addition to our Professional DJ & MC team, Lethal Rhythms also offers additional services such as, photo booths, flip books, customized CD’s and DVD’s and wine bottles.  We can provide you with the best of the best to make sure that every aspect is a success. Not only are our additional services fabulous, but we are flexible and easy to work with as well. We deliver outstanding service with a personal edge, so that your special day is catered to your Style, Taste, and Vision. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or questions. We are here to help support you and to help make your day magical and memorable.

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Nick & Elise, Opera Nightclub Wedding, Atlanta GA DJ Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms

Nick & Elise Esasky, Opera Nightclub Wedding, Atlanta GA DJ Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms mixes it up for a special wedding celebration – not your cheesy wedding DJ, by any means. Event Coordination by Kra Riddell of Lethal Rhythms. December 2010.

“Hallelujah” was played by her brother “Daniel Burkart”- guitarist and singer and cellist was “Taylor”

Top 5 Wedding Songs for 2011

Lethal Rhythms Logo

When it comes to your special day, Lethal Rhythms knows how important it is to choose the right entertainment to keep your celebration exciting! Though we have a large variety of music in our database for your special day, Lethal Rhythms would like to acknowledge the top 5 Romantic Wedding Songs for 2011.

1)     The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush

Created in 1984, Power of Love voices passion and admiration for your significant other. Not only does Jennifer Rush have an amazing voice, but the words speak clearly to those in love and it sets the mood for romance. This song is the perfect  addition to your play list!

The Power of Love Video

2)     I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley

I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley made it to the top of several charts numerous times during the 1960’s. Already known as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis sets the mood with this romantic themed song. I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You remains a huge hit today and a reminder of one of America’s top cultural icons today. This is a great “first-dance” song to begin your reception.

I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You Video

3)     Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel

Just the Way You Are was created by Billy Joel in 1977.  Billy Joel wrote this song as a dedication to his wife, Elizabeth Weber, and presented it to her as a birthday gift. It became so popular that it is now a top cover song for several artists today. Billy Joel really created an atmosphere of romance and is a top recommendation for any event!

4)     When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating

Originally written as a country song, When You Say Nothing At All was recorded by the Irish pop singer, Ronan Keating. This was his first solo that became a big hit in the UK during 1999. In addition to being a top-hit, When You Say Nothing At All was also used for the soundtrack of the movie Knotting Hill in 1999. Consider this song for your first dance or as a special song played during cocktail hour or dinner.

When You Say Nothing At All Video

5)  From This Moment On by Shania Twain

Released in 1997, Shania Twain made From This Moment On her fourth country single on her multi-platinum album, Come on Over. Shania’s voice really captures the words and brings momentum to the meaning of Love.  Her voice is beautiful and inspiring to those in love and is a great recommendation for any couple looking to vocalize their adoration for each other.

From This Moment On Video

Lethal Rhythms understands that choosing songs for your wedding day can be stressful. We offer a variety of services from professional remix DJ/MC’s to lighting, videography, and coordination to assist you in eliminating stress. Creating a flawless day that reflects you is our specialty. Please never hesitate to reach out to a Lethal Rhythms representative for more inspiration and/or support.

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Planning, Themes, Colors OH MY!

Wedding-Planning- Lethal Rhythms

One of the biggest parts of planning a wedding is deciding on a theme.  Lethal Rhythms knows that this can be a stressful moment, so we have come up with a few awesome ideas to help you along the way! You may be overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or even excited about your planning process, but the key is to have fun with it! This is the one day every girl dreams of, so make it perfect, fun, and memorable!

The most important aspect of choosing a theme is choosing a color! No worries, we did our research to let you know what’s hot and what’s not this year!

There are three colors that are really setting the trend for weddings this year! They are blue, red, and orange.

Bridesmaid Dresses- Lethal Rhythms

Let’s start with planning a blue wedding! Blue themed weddings are perfect for winter and spring seasons. Here are a couple trendy ideas to think about. Incorporate your blues into your bouquet and invitations. By doing this, you’re adding a calming and relaxing tone to your wedding pieces! Now all you have to do is decided which blue tone!

Black & Teal Silk Invitation- Lethal RhythmsBlue FLowers- Lethal Rhythms

Lethal Rhythms Tips: For a winter theme, try adding a few shades of purple or you can add a few shades of yellow to bring out the spring season!

Orange Bridesmaid Dresses- Lethal Rhythms

Now let’s take a look at an orange wedding! Orange is a perfect color for summer and fall seasons. This color is edgy, spicy, and perfect for adding an indulging touch to your theme! A fun thing to do with your oranges is to add a couple different shades to your bouquet. If you really want to spice it up, you could also add in different types of flowers with the different shades, however you choose to incorporate your oranges is up to you!

Orange Flower Assortment-  Lethal Rhythms

Lethal Rhythms Tip: To add more tang to your summer wedding, add a touch of pink, but if you are planning a fall wedding, throw in a few gold tones!

Red wedding decorations- Lethal Rhythms

Finally, our last trendy color-red! Don’t be fooled by this traditional color. Red is perfect for all seasons and is just as vibrant and edgy as the rest! The fabulous thing about having red in your wedding is that it enhances more “romance” to your theme.  An awesome idea for using your reds, is on your cake! We all know that, in addition to your dress and wedding in general, the cake is another signature piece. Adding vibrant colors, such as shades of red, only make it more fabulous!

Red Themed Wedding Cake- Lethal Rhythms

Lethal Rhythms Tip: Red is perfect for all seasons, so add a touch of gold, silver, and even black to make it stand out more!

Whichever color you choose to incorporate, remember to be fun with it! Lethal Rhythms is always here to add more fun with our wedding coordination and awesome planners!  We hope you have enjoyed our trends and tips and continue to check back with us for more updates! Remember, this is the one day you having been dreaming of. Why not fully indulge yourself into the wonders of planning it?