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The Importance of Hiring a Good DJ

There are several variables you should take into consideration when hiring a Professional DJ. Below, one of our potential clients gave us her feedback after choosing another DJ for her wedding day:

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Vanessa S. Kim January 12 at 5:16pm Report

Hi Joel! You might not remember me but I was a bride referred through Esther last year and you kindly gave me a 30-minute consultation the first time we talked. I remember wanting to book you immediately, but there was a part of me that was so stubborn about getting the best deal possible, and also not understanding how important it was to have an experienced DJ. Well I found out about another DJ who was charging less because he was new to the wedding biz but a great “club” DJ, so I assumed I hit a deal.

So the reason I’m writing you is to tell you that the single BIGGEST regret I have from my wedding is not booking you for the DJ. I suppose not every wedding can be perfect, but it really has bothered me so much, as I realize now your talent and how important it is to have a great DJ, who is also a great MC. So I wanted to just thank you for being so patient and nice in the consultation you gave me, and also let you know, although I’m sure you tell brides this already, that I realize now having an experienced, charismatic DJ is worth every penny.

I hope your business continues to flourish and you continue to make people’s weddings amazing!


Lethal Rhythms understands the importance of hiring a DJ along with the factors that you take into consideration during this process.

1)      Lethal Rhythms realizes that your budget is a very important aspect of the event planning process, but we want you to understand that “you get what you pay for.” You have to remember that you are not just paying to have someone put together a playlist for your event; if it was that easy, you could do it yourself, right? When booking Lethal Rhythms, you are pay for your own Professional DJ/MC that has the proper experience and works with you on a personal basis. You are paying for a DJ that specifically creates music catered to your style, taste, and vision. Last, but not least, you are paying for a DJ that works hands on with you and is dedicated to the success of your event as much as you are. Lethal Rhythms will give you the best of the best. Your DJ is the main source of entertainment at your event and it’s okay to be picky, but choose wisely.

2)      Lethal Rhythms also understands that this process may seem to last forever. When choosing a DJ, you should take your time and work with a DJ company that knows how to help you. Lethal Rhythms takes time to personally meet your needs and standards. It is our dedication to your event that makes our team stand out. We have seven DJ’s and each have their own personal style. We personally take the time to speak with you and narrow down which Lethal Rhythms DJ is compatible with your style and expectations. In addition to making your search easier, we offer personal planners to help you create a flawless wedding day. Booking with Lethal Rhythms couldn’t be easier!

3)      Lastly, consider the DJ’s equipment used when choosing a DJ. Lethal Rhythms knows how important this it is to have updated, high-end, and professional equipment, but do you? Our DJ’s have access to the latest technology including wireless setups. More importantly, Lethal Rhythms always prepares for the unexpected to guarantee your special moments go flawlessly!

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Thank you Vanessa for your kind words and we are sorry to hear that your special day was not as successful as it should have been. We appreciate your feedback and would be honored to be a part of any future event you may hold! Lethal Rhythms knows this process is time consuming, but it is extremely important. Taking a look at Vanessa’s story will hopefully help you understand the importance of choosing the perfect DJ, not based on price, but quality! Please do not hesitate to contact a Lethal Rhythms representative for further information or questions. Your style, taste, and vision do matter to us!

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