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NYE Recap!

As a new Lethal Rhythms team member, I received the pleasure of writing about my first New Year’s spent with the Lethal Rhythms Team! I was hired to focus on the behind the scenes aspect of the company and have never really had the chance to see our DJ’s in action until now! As over 2,500 guests arrived at the Hyatt Regency for the largest NYE party in Atlanta, I arrived just in time to hear DJ Joel spin the latest beats, for the first time! He was phenomenal and his style really blew me away with the way he got the crowd so pumped upon entering! His set-up was in the first room, the Red-Bull Club room, and he really set the mood for all the guests as they entered to celebrate the beginning of a new year!

Downtown Countdown 2010- Atlanta- Lethal Rhythms

Though the crowd was very diverse, Atlanta’s Downtown Countdown made sure that there was plenty to offer with an open bar offering a variety of drinks, the Hyatt’s top-notch cuisine, and the hottest music of 2010 to create a personal atmosphere for everyone to enjoy! As everyone mixed and mingled, we enjoyed a variety of music everywhere we went! Entertainment stretched from live bands, such as Soul Aslyum, Coolio, and Great White Lion Snake, to the hottest DJ’s, DJ Joel, DJ Jammin Dave and DJ Suspense! Live comedians, such as Andy Sanford, Josh Harris, Justin Morgan, and Dan Week also took part of the fabulous entertainment throughout the night as well!

Though the Red-Bull Club room was the only room without a balloon drop, DJ Joel rocked so much that over 700 guests remained to celebrate the countdown with him! I can honestly say, from experience, that he truly made it happen with a diversity of the hottest beats, top artists, and a variety of music selections that kept the crowd pumped all night!

Counting Down to 2011- Lethal Rhythms

As a team, we were delighted to be a part of the Downtown Countdown again, for the 5th year in a row! Lethal Rhythms would like to thank all of our sponsors including: Shane and Troy Aubrey, from USA Entertainment, Lindy Promotions, Miller LightDave FM, Metromix, and the Hyatt Regency for choosing Lethal Rhythms to be a part of their entertainment for the end of 2010! Downtown Countdown 2010 was definitely a great way to start 2011 off! Thank you everyone for making it happen!

“Sample music from  Joel Rabe’s Special Mix of the 2010 Music Countdown coming soon!”