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Tracy and Rob- Lethal Rhythms Entertainment
I had the pleasure of working with Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms during the wedding of Tracy and Rob. I’ve worked with many djs before but Joel had me at hello…actually, he had me when he absolutely nailed the recessional music exactly the way Tracy requested at the exact moment they were pronounced man and wife {U2’s “Beautiful Day”}

What is the absolute #1 song that gets everyone on the dance floor? No matter what crowd it is?
The truth is, there is no one dynamic for a crowd but you can always fall back on a classic as long as it isn’t overplayed….Michael Jackson is always good but only if thrown in at the right time.
What is your favorite thing about being a dj?

Being able to surprise the dance floor with a unique spur of the moment mix that creates loads of energy and gets them yelling.

How long have you been a dj?
Started before college back in 1995 when turn tables was the only option {he can use 3 turn tables}… {aka professional entertainers…}

What is your favorite part of the wedding besides the dancing?
The fact that there is a real reason to celebrate. The bride and groom are celebrating a new beginning.

Tracy and Rob- Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

How did you get into the wedding industry?

When I first came to Atlanta in 1999 I attended a wedding at the Fox Theatre and at the time I was a professional trainer for djs on a nationwide club circuit and I couldn’t believe how basic the djs were in the Atlanta market at the time. So…I moved to Atlanta…

Top 5 songs to get people dancing:
1. Anything by Lady Gaga
2. Any classic rock and roll {like Journey…”Don’t Stop Believing” but mixed live with current hip hop beats}
3. Ladies love to dance to Top 40 like Ke$ha, Katy Perry
4. Music that takes people back like the 80’s (“Venus” by Banana Rama or the Go-Go’s)
5. Any hip hop tracks with a good beat (and a clean message)

Tracy and Rob- Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

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All photos by Our Labor of Love by Heidi