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Tips On Proposing A Wedding Toast

Champagne Toast- Lethal Rhythms

Proposing a toast is a ritual conducted all over the world. Several religions practice this daily, as an effort to honor something or someone in their life! Toasts and speeches are most popular are at weddings. Though proposing a toast may seem like a small part of a wedding tradition, it actually is important and has a purpose. By proposing a toast to the bride and groom, you are taking a moment to honor them and their joining of one.  Whether you are hand selected to speak, or just being thoughtful, giving a toast remains a memorable moment for everyone. With that being said, Lethal Rhythms researched some pointers for those who have the honor of giving a toast to review before their spotlight moment!

Things to Avoid During a Wedding Toast

Paula Luna Wedding Toast

Tips are always great to help you along the way, but they do not put the words into action! Remaining classy, elegant, and fun are the biggest reminders! Just go with the flow and speak from your heart. When it’s all said and done, you should have a satisfied and rewarding feeling about yourself. Not only did you conquer public speaking, but you just created a moment for the bride and groom to remember for a life time! Lethal Rhythms knows you can do it and we are hoping these pointers give you a basis to start from.

Bride and Groom Proposing a Toast

Please feel free to suggest any helpful tips from your own experience to help guide those in the future!