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Lethal Rhythms’ Kra Riddell for LLS Woman of the Year 2011 (GA Chapter)

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Campaign members, Deziree Valdez with Lethal Rhythms, Jay Choquette with X8 Marketing, Jon Acosta, and Barry Gray would like to congratulate Kra Riddell on her phenomenal progress, so far, as she runs for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year 2011 (Georgia Chapter). We are honored to be a part of your team! We truly believe you have the dedication and loyalty to creating an awesome campaign for supporting a great cause. Below, you’ll find more details about Kra herself and how she is striving to make a difference, not just in our community, but all around the world. Thank you Kra, for not only being such an inspiration to us all, but for giving your heart, dedication, and faith into making a difference.

Team Authentikures 2011


Welcome to Kra Riddell’s Woman of the Year Homepage!

Kra Riddell- Leukemia and Lymphoma Society- Woman of the Year

Why am I a candidate?

I want to make a difference in the world, whether it directly affects one person that can pass their life change on to another, many people at once, or a domino effect of events that creates a better atmosphere for our society and community. Last November of 2010, I woke up one morning with a phenomenal feeling of inspiration. Honestly, while I was taking a shower, I wondered “what is my purpose,” “how can I make a difference in a society that has grown so distant from our neighbors?” This feeling of change and re-evolution, where people to care of people to better the world. I thought and thought, of how I, Kra Riddell a 21 year-old college graduate that works more than often could possibly have the power or influence to better my community, the nation, but the world. I began remembering a wonderful society, that my company, Lethal Rhythms sponsored June of 2010, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My mind began spinning, I would run for Woman of the Year 2011 and raise awareness of LLS, funds for research and treatments, and hopefully influence young woman in a time when jobs are scare and education is mere commonality to succeed. I thought this could be a global example of true passion and care for people that I have no connection or familiarity with.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Fortunately, I was nominated for a cause and asked to run as a candidate in December 2010. I was so honored that I still feel as if it is a dream that I am unprepared for. This chance of a lifetime to make a difference is such an honor. I understand what it is like to lose someone close, a family member, a friend, a supporter, but I have not experienced friends or family going through stages of Leukemia or Lymphoma. I was nominated for a cause and am dedicated to our future. I will learn more about blood cancer, from the potential causes to advanced research that is being used in remission today. I’m hoping to create vast awareness of the 10-week campaign period and promote good help and support nationally and globally. My personal goal is to raise $30,000 toward this cause, which 90% goes back to research and patient treatment. Though it may seem like such a small contribution, I hope it will be a start for others to take action, whether it is big or small because every action we take can make a difference tomorrow. How you can support me? I ask that you join me by making a contribution to my fundraising campaign. Each dollar I raise counts as one vote and the candidate who gets the most donations is named the local Man or Woman of the Year. I am raising money in honor of The Boy and Girl of the year, Jordan and Christina, local children in the Atlanta, GA who are blood cancer survivors. I truly hope to help find cures for blood cancers.
Christina Goy- Girl of the Year- The Leukemia and Lymphoma SocietyJordan- Boy of the Year- The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

All donations are greatly appreciated. Your donation is tax deductible and will support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society programs, including research, patient services, advocacy, public and professional education, and community services. Many thanks for your support for patients battling blood cancers and their families. Be sure to visit my Web site often to check on my progress and please ask your friends to support my efforts. Join me and help advance the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Other ways to help support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:

• Buy a ticket for the Grand Finale Gala on June 4th, 2011 at Loews Hotel, Atlanta

• Donate funds in Kra’s honor

• Donate live and silent auction items

Corporate Sponsorship

• Program ads for either $250.00 (Half page) or $500.00 (Full page)

• Attend events hosted by Kra, herself (follow her fan page for more details)

Please feel free to contact me at for more information on how you can help.

Thank you,

Kra (Cara) Riddell

Market Manager for Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

Website I Finale Tickets I Facebook

For more information about LLS, please visit

Tell your friends and family about my page!


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The Rathman Fairytale Wedding 1/29/2011

Lethal Rhythms would like to say thank you to our newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rathman! It was such an honor for Lethal Rhythms DJ Mike Beaver and Event Coordinators, Kra Riddell and myself, Deziree Valdez to be a part of their wedding day on January 29, 2011 at the W- Hotel Midtown. Though Kra Riddell has coordinated weddings before, this was my first and it was remarkably beautiful and truly unique!

When I reminisce about the ceremony and reception, I begin to imagine the elegant lighting flowing throughout the gorgeous drapery that flowed over the back wall, provided by Event Drapery. By Tulip Flower Shop’s beautiful bouquets set on pedestals created a stunning visual accent against the white lighted drapery, which perfectly framed both Jennifer and Brian as they said their vows on center stage. Guests then made their way upstairs to the Away Hallway to enjoy delicate hors d’œuvres and a complimentary open bar. As guests mixed and mingled for about an hour, they were then summoned up to the 27th floor Ballroom for one of the most beautiful reception I have seen.

W- Hotel Midtown- Lethal Rhythms

The W-Midtown catering prepared one of the most enticing dinners that pampered guests with choices of salmon, steak, or chicken. After toasts were given, guests flowed on the dance floor to dance the night away with DJ Mike Beaver’s latest beats. One of the unique dances that Mr. and Mrs. Rathman chose to incorporate is known as the “Anniversary Dance”. This is a dance where all couples slow dance to a variety of chosen songs by the bride and groom. As guests dance, the DJ randomly announces numbers; this number indicates the number of years couples have been together. Once a couple’s anniversary is called, they politely leave the dance floor. At the end of the dance, the couple who has been together the longest give words of advice to the newlyweds to take on in their marriage. This was one of the most memorable moments I shared with Jennifer and Brian. As they began to slip away for the evening, they were surrounded by guests saying farewell before they exited through an outdoor elevator just in time to see the captivating city at its brightest. If you aren’t mesmerized yet, the talented Drew Newman with Drew Newman Photography, captured every special moment throughout the night.

Brian and Jennifer Rathman- Lethal Rhythms

In addition to the positive energy that flowed throughout the W- Hotel Midtown, fantastic vendors worked together to create a flawless day! Lethal Rhythms took pride in knowing guests walked away from Jennifer and Brian’s reception with everything from the Rathman’s style, taste, and vision in mind!

If you did not have the pleasure of attending the Rathman’s fairytale wedding, I hope I was able to give you a vivid recap of how perfect and romantic their special day was. Not only did I hear some of the best toasts, but every moment I shared with this wonderful couple and guests showed the dedication and devotion they have and bring together. This was truly a magical night that will be remembered dearly by family and friends alike.

To listen to Lethal Rhythms DJ’s live, visit for more details. Become a fan of our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog to view Lethal Rhythm’s upcoming events and news!

(Photos from Drew Newman Photography will be added in addition shortly.)

Nick & Elise, Opera Nightclub Wedding, Atlanta GA DJ Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms

Nick & Elise Esasky, Opera Nightclub Wedding, Atlanta GA DJ Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms mixes it up for a special wedding celebration – not your cheesy wedding DJ, by any means. Event Coordination by Kra Riddell of Lethal Rhythms. December 2010.

“Hallelujah” was played by her brother “Daniel Burkart”- guitarist and singer and cellist was “Taylor”

Gloria and YK Yoon 12/20/2010

Lethal Rhythm's Kra Riddell and Gloria Kim


Dear Kra,

Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did as our wedding coordinator. Everything went well as you assured us and we know it took a lot of work and organization on your part to make that happen!


We wish you all the best and happy holidays!

Gloria & YK Yoon

Gloria Kim and YK Yoon Wedding Day- Lethal Rhythms

Lethal Rhythms would also like to thank both of you for allowing us to be a part of your special day! We enjoyed your company and we are glad you are pleased with the results. Please continue to keep in touch with us and we wish you the best of luck as well!

HSMAI Testimonial 10/18/2010

HSMAI-GA Chinese Auction- Lethal Rhythms Atlanta

Dear Joel and Kra,

Thank you for serving as a sponsor for HSMAI-GA’s 14th Annual Chinese Auction benefiting CURE Childhood Cancer. The success of this organization is tied to the generosity and support of out community. It is people like you and companies like yours that ensure the success of this event year after year.

CURE Childhood Cancer Association- Lethal Rhtyhms


We hope you will continue your support in the future, and would love to welcome you at the 15th Annual Chinese Auction in October 2011.


Thank you again for your generosity.

Warmest regards,

Nicole Arriola

Corporate Promotions, INC. an Affiliate of Geiger

President, HSMAI-GA

York Gale

Event Transportation- Atlanta

President-Elect, HSMAI-GA

CURE Childhood Cancer- Lethal Rhythms

Elise Burkhart and Nick Esasky 12/27/2010

Elise Burkhart and Nick Esasky Wedding- Lethal Rhythms

The Monday after Christmas (December 27th) was more than just a Monday off for some, it was the day Elise Burkart and Nick Esasky came together as one. You may be thinking, who gets married on a Monday? But, this past Monday was their 10-year Anniversary, a date that holds a decade of their memories. Elise and Nick wrote their own vows as their dear friend Steve joined their hands in marriage. Elise ended her vows with “You know me, I know you. And the rest of our life…is about to be perfect,” while Nick’s vows ended with “Our love is endless and I will never grow tired of saying…I love you.”  The majority of couples wait to a few years after they are married to share a decade of love, support, and friendship, but Elise and Nick were fortunate to begin their marriage and their walk of life together on the same day they were claimed “girlfriend and boyfriend” 10 years ago. It was amazing to see the love they shared standing on the stage in Opera saying “I Do!”Nick Kissing his bride Elise- Lethal Rhythms

This unique couple didn’t just share their wedding day on a milestone in their relationship; they spent their special day in Opera, an event space during the day/early week, and a club on the weekends. The Opera experience is for the fun, non-traditional, party bride and groom. Nick and Elise really utilized Opera’s capabilities to give their guests an unimaginable reception.

Elise and Nick Esasky- Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

From the cocktail hour outside, in a heated tent, to the interactive food stations opened all night, this reception went from sentimental to monumental. Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails as the bride and groom had everlasting pictures taken by Joseph Hummel. As the guests filtered from the sushi station into the ballroom laid out as a lounge, Lethal Rhythms DJ Joel Rabe had them dancing to all the latest hits! When the bride and groom walked in, guests were moved by their first dance to Dr. Hook “Year’s from now.” Toasts and speeches were open to all guests, and many came to the front to share their story of Nick and Elise’s love. But as the night moved on, so did the guests, they documented their time in the Majestic Photobooth, enjoyed a beyond gorgeous wedding cake, made by Celso’s Cakes. But, as the party went “on and on and on,” it had to come to an end at midnight.

Elise and Nick with DJ Joel from Lethal Rhythms

Event coordinator, Kra (Cara) Riddell of Lethal Rhythms lined guests outside Opera along the red carpet and stairs. The guests were “armed” with spray-able snow waiting for the Mr. and Mrs. Esasky to exit into their 1947 Rolls Royce, provided by Atlanta Limousine. As the anticipation of the guests grew, Nick and Elise appeared through the doors and were covered in snow. This winter wonderland wedding, filled with feathers of silver and gold ended with white snow. It was a perfect night for a perfect couple and all captured by Lethal Video.


Here’s what Elise and Nick had to say about Lethal Rhythms:
Elise Burkart January 4 at 12:55pm report
“Hey Joel! We are hoping to get 4 copies of our wedding DVD. Is this possible? How much will we owe yall for each additional copy?

So excited to see it! Ahh!

Ya’ll were AMAZING. Exceeded every expectation. Thank you thank you 🙂 Best party of our lives for sure. Please tell Kra too, that she was awesome and we SO appreciate her for working so hard making things look THAT good.

Thank you Elise and Nick for the awesome testimonial! We enjoyed being a part of your wedding day and please continue to keep in touch with us! “

Elise with bridesmaids outside Opera Atlanta- Lethal RhythmsElise with her bridesmaids before her wedding at Opera- Lethal Rhythms


Congratulations Mrs. Gloria and Mr. YK Yoon: 12/5/2010!

Thank you (“kamsamnida”) Mrs. Gloria and Mr. YK Yoon! It was such an honor for Lethal Rhythms DJ Joel Rabe and Event Coordinator, Kra Riddell to be a part of your wedding day on December 5, 2010 at The Fox Theatre. Though DJ Joel Rabe has entertained many Korean weddings in the past, this was Kra Riddell’s first and she said it was absolutely wonderful and so unique!

Mrs. Gloria and Mr. YK Yoon Wedding: Lethal RhythmsMrs. Gloria and Mr. YK Yoon Wedding: Lethal Rhythms

Just to give you an idea of what their ceremony/reception looked like, imagine the elegant Grand Salon ballroom at the Fox Theatre with gorgeous gold drapery flowing over the back wall, provided by Event Drapery. Hall Flower Shop’s beautiful bouquets set on pedestals created a lovely visual accent to the gold drapery, which also perfectly framed Lethal Rhythms DJ Joel Rabe on the center stage. Filled with smells that were “to-die-for,” Affairs to Remember had nothing less than a delicious buffet that was a vision to view. A wonderful compliment to Affairs to Remember was Rhodes Bakery’s wedding cake with the cutest Korean figurines of a groom and bride off to the side. If the visual isn’t enough, a variety of photos were captured by Our Labor of Love, who provided both a photobooth and photography-we know the pictures will be amazing. Mrs. Gloria and Mr. YK Yoon Wedding: Lethal Rhythms

I hope you closed your eyes and saw the beauty of Mr. and Mrs. Yoon’s reception. Not only was the décor flawless, but everything from their unique dedication songs (for example, With Love that was sung by Gloria, YK and YK’s siblings) to the favors reflected the bride and groom’s style. The dedication song was played after the bride changed from the traditional American wedding dress into a traditional Korean wedding dress; the timing could not have been more perfect. The song “With Love” truly touched each guests, especially when sung in unison by the groom’s family. It was such a magical moment to watch a family who lives thousands of miles a part unite for a joyous occasion. Not only were the songs memorable, but the favors were test tubes with yummy M&M’s in them. I know what you may be thinking…test tubes? Gloria and YK are both Doctors of Science and live and breathe science with the utmost respect. Test tubes were nothing more than extremely cute and clever along with the tables named after various famous scientists. A wonderful personalized touch always comes in multiples, so in addition to the test tubes, Gloria and YK requested puzzle pieces and pens to be set at each table and collected at the end of the reception. Honestly, I can’t believe more couples have not thought of this. There is no better form of a guestbook than a puzzle with your family and friends signatures for design.

Mrs. Gloria and Mr. YK Yoon Wedding: Lethal Rhythms: Fox Theatre

From the positive energy that flowed throughout the Grand Salon to wonderful vendors working together to create a flawless day, Lethal Rhythms took pride in knowing guests walked away from Gloria and YK’s reception with everything from the Yoon’s style, taste, and vision in mind!

Mrs. Gloria and Kra Riddel: Lethal RhythmsMrs. Gloria and Kra Riddel: Lethal Rhythms: Atlanta Weddings

Please take a look at the final guestbook masterspiece that was sent to us this past week. Such a wonderful idea!

Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah 12/11/10

Lethal Rhythms would like to thank Ethan for inviting us to be a part of his Bar Mitzvah on December 11, 2010!! We all had a great time and would also like to recognize Lethal Rhythm’s team of DJ Joel, MC Melvin, and Event Assistant Kra (Cara) Riddell for making it all happen! We would also like to thank Graceology for capturing the moments with amazing photography!!

MC Melvin, DJ Joel, and Kra: Graceology: Lethal RhythmsTake a look at how it all turned out!

Ethan Hertz Bar Mitzvah:Graceology: Lethal Rhythms


Ethan Hertz: Graceology: Lethal Rhythms











Looks like everyone had a blast with the hola-hoops, dancing, and music!!


Ethan spinning: Graceology: Lethal Rhythms


Mazel Tov Ethan Hertz! Lethal Rhythms and Graceology had so much fun and we hope to see you again soon!






To check out more footage, check out our Facebook page and keep updated on our latest and future events!!


Banana Republic Going Live!

Enjoying Soiree's refreshments

Last night, Banana Republic chose Lethal Rhythms Entertainment to provide a variety of the latest beats for their “The Not Black Friday Event” hosted at Lenox Mall, Atlanta!! While a variety of energetic music traveled throughout the store, shopperes were put in a shop-athon trance during the 4 hour red carpet sale event from 5 pm to 9 pm!As customers mingled around they enjoyed all the great deals along with Soiree refreshments ranging from water, juices, cocktails, and even wine! Customers not only got to enjoy vibrant live music from DJ Joel and DJ Derek of Lethal Rhythms, but they also got to enjoy incredible savings throughout the entire store, while sipping on cocktails! Thank you Banana Republic for giving our clients/customers the best of two worlds, great values and a great time! Join our Blog and Facebook page to stay current with where our latest events will be held in Atlanta’s hot spots!!


DJ Derek and Crew