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Top 5 Songs and Artists for 2011

The music industry adds an edge to the entertainment world with the release of the hottest artists, albums, and singles climbing the charts this year! Listed below are the “Top 5 Songs and Artists for 2011” that are requested the most by Lethal Rhythms fans and clients.

Bruno Mars: “Grenade”

Bruno Mars is one of the hottest stars in the making for 2011. One of his traits as a talented artist is creating music that relates to both females and males. His new-featured song, Grenade is one of the best songs that has surfaced this year due to its popularity amongst both sexes. Bruno released his top song as the opener for his album, “Doo-wops & hooligans”. As one of Bruno’s favorite songs thus far, he hopes to take it further with releasing it as a single in the near future.

1)     Katy Perry: “Firework”

Not only is Katy Perry’s new song Firework listed as the number two most listened to single for 2011, it is also accompanied with an amazing video as well. When listening to Firework, you will begin to sense the powerful meaning behind the words and watching the video only adds to the intensity. Listed as her third single on her new album, “Teenage Dream” continues to make its way up the charts! Katy does an amazing job with displaying her passion and creativity all in one.

2)      Rihanna featuring Drake: “ What’s My Name”

Rihanna’s 8th number one hit single, What’s My Name, is posted on the Billboard Hot 100 and continues to climb the charts with popularity. As one of my personal favorites, I cannot get enough of it! My favorite part about her new single is that she adds the hottest beats with a Bohemian edge to it.

3)      Ke$ha: “We R Who We R”

Kesha’s new inspiring single, We R Who We R, sky rockets off her new album “Cannibal”. Kesha is  known for having a different style of music and We R Who WE R speaks for itself. It’s one of my favorite songs for 2011 because it celebrates all the eccentricities and little twirks that people have inside them. It has a catchy theme and perfect for any party scene!

4)     P!nk: “Raise Your Glass”

Pink always displays powerful messages in her albums and she continues to do so with her newest single Raise Your Glass. Pink is known to make personal connections with her audience and she hasn’t failed yet! Raise Your Glass brings awareness to the “underdogs” and displays a celebration of personal uniqueness that fans are sure to take in. Pink takes off with new album “Raise Your Glass” and continues to climb the charts for 2011!

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