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20 Random Facts About Music

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Lethal Rhythms decided to go outside the box and venture into the unknown! We feel we know quite a bit about music, but we came across some really interesting facts in an article this morning written by Alistair Briggs. The article is titled “20 Random Music Facts” and was posted on Musicouch. The interesting details about this article are not only the facts presented themselves, but the fact that Briggs takes you back to the very beginning of music. Did you know that the first CD was released to the public for music in 1983? (Fact #6, Aristair Briggs) A majority of our generation cannot even relate or appreciate how music was formed! The music industry is one of the leading forms of entertainment in today’s society. Take a moment to see how it all started!

20 Random Music Facts by Aristair Briggs

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen has been listed as a number one song in the UK  4 different years! (Fact #12, Aristair Briggs)

Which random fact do you find the most interesting?