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Our New-Talented Interns

Lethal Rhythms Entertainment is constantly growing and expanding, but understands personalization is the key to success. We’ve added a marketing and website intern to teach and assist in our growth! Their experience with our team will engage them into the entertainment industry, enhance and add skills, as well as grow Lethal Rhythms‘ insight to other perspectives! Our team motto of “We grow as a team, we fail as a team” will provide a strong staff that is happy to assist any future or current client!

We are proud to introduce our two Spring Interns, Karan Mathur and Marcus Judd!

Karan Mathur- Marketing Intern

Karan Mathur is a New York native who moved down South to “Little Hollywood,” Atlanta, Georgia to attend Georgia State University. Majoring in Marketing and involved in on-campus organizations, such as ISAC (International Student Associations Council).  Taking on the role of Lethal Rhythms’ Marketing Intern while Vice President of ICE (Indian Culture Exchange) will truly let his talent shine. Karan’s eagerness to learn, interest in graphic design, traveling, fluency in English and Hindi are a great asset to Lethal Rhythms’ team!

Marcus Judd- Website Intern

Marcus Judd, born in Louisville, Texas, but raised in Georgia is currently studying Computer Science at Kennesaw State University. His experience working in IT departments for district schools and interest in developing software will ensure his career is deemed for success. Lethal Rhythms recognizes passion is key and Marcus has it for developing software! He also enjoys international travel and culture. His experiences in England, Germany, Italy, and Mexico will bring additional insight to the Lethal Rhythms’ team!

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