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Our New-Talented Interns

Lethal Rhythms Entertainment is constantly growing and expanding, but understands personalization is the key to success. We’ve added a marketing and website intern to teach and assist in our growth! Their experience with our team will engage them into the entertainment industry, enhance and add skills, as well as grow Lethal Rhythms‘ insight to other perspectives! Our team motto of “We grow as a team, we fail as a team” will provide a strong staff that is happy to assist any future or current client!

We are proud to introduce our two Spring Interns, Karan Mathur and Marcus Judd!

Karan Mathur- Marketing Intern

Karan Mathur is a New York native who moved down South to “Little Hollywood,” Atlanta, Georgia to attend Georgia State University. Majoring in Marketing and involved in on-campus organizations, such as ISAC (International Student Associations Council).  Taking on the role of Lethal Rhythms’ Marketing Intern while Vice President of ICE (Indian Culture Exchange) will truly let his talent shine. Karan’s eagerness to learn, interest in graphic design, traveling, fluency in English and Hindi are a great asset to Lethal Rhythms’ team!

Marcus Judd- Website Intern

Marcus Judd, born in Louisville, Texas, but raised in Georgia is currently studying Computer Science at Kennesaw State University. His experience working in IT departments for district schools and interest in developing software will ensure his career is deemed for success. Lethal Rhythms recognizes passion is key and Marcus has it for developing software! He also enjoys international travel and culture. His experiences in England, Germany, Italy, and Mexico will bring additional insight to the Lethal Rhythms’ team!

Visit to see their work!

The Bike Jitters_Team Member Kra Riddell

Where do I start! I’ve always thought it was so cool when bikers rode by, revved their engines at a light, and rode free through the city boundless by the surrounding materials of a car! The sign of being in an elite club when a rider puts their hand down after passing another rider, almost like saying “what’s up!” I Want That!

My dad bought a Harley Touring Bike a couple of years ago and I got to ride on the back, feeling a part of this bad”A” club. The air blowing through my hair, the cuteness of wearing skinny jeans, boots, a leather jacket, and a colorful scarf blowing behind me in the wind, made my urge to learn how to ride a Harley stronger. Being able to feel the wind blow through my hands, the sense of excitement, my adrenaline running through my veins along with other emotions (scared, happy), I told everyone I wanted the Harley Davidson Night Rider. I knew that would be a hott bike to ride!

I later came to find out that bike is way to powerful for me; some people suggest the Sportster, but I know I want the Dyna Street Bob. It has been stuck in my head, one day I will have my own bike and will cruise around town, take trips with my dad, and enter the official cool club! When this would happen, I had no idea; I had to take the biker course!

December of 2011 came so quickly after two years of talking-up learning how to ride a bike. Killer Creek Harley Davidson of Alpharetta was throwing their Holiday Party and wanted Lethal Rhythms DJ Joel Rabe to party with them! Being swift on my feet, I knew I had to chat with their awesome representative and photographer, Mandi Harris! Joel Rabe and myself received two bike courses. The excitement rushing through my body was more than words could ever describe, all my “talk” turned into action that was to take place Feb. 23rd-26th 2012!

Reality struck over Christmas! My boyfriend was supportive but not on the approving side. I jokingly mentioned he could hold on to me on the back or sit in my side cart! My dad was nervous, but happy I was taking the course. He didn’t approve, but bought me really nice full fingered curved Harley Davidson gloves.

On Feb. 17th nervousness hit me from all sides. I was in Hawaii trying to Scuba Dive; skipping the PADI Bubble Maker course, I might add, and didn’t master the skills. I’ve been a swimmer (strong) since I was 4 years old and had experience swimming in oceans. I was fine breathing under water, but clearing my mask of water, under water freaked me out! I did exactly what I was told and it just kept filling back up, I felt like I was drowning, but could breath. I know it doesn’t make much sense, so I decided to lay on the boat and “maybe” try the Bubble Maker course in a pool here in Atlanta before going into open waters.

All I’ve been able to think about since then was, if I can master this course and be comfortable on a bike, in traffic, and have the skills not to kill myself! I can ride a bike (the pedal ones), drive a manual, and am a quick learner that is pretty adventurous. Will this be enough for me? The class starts at 6:00 PM tonight and I’m hoping all my fears of falling and actually driving will be lifted!

Stay tuned…I’ll let you know how the first day goes tomorrow!

Kra (Cara) Riddell

Market Manager