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Our New-Talented Interns

Lethal Rhythms Entertainment is constantly growing and expanding, but understands personalization is the key to success. We’ve added a marketing and website intern to teach and assist in our growth! Their experience with our team will engage them into the entertainment industry, enhance and add skills, as well as grow Lethal Rhythms‘ insight to other perspectives! Our team motto of “We grow as a team, we fail as a team” will provide a strong staff that is happy to assist any future or current client!

We are proud to introduce our two Spring Interns, Karan Mathur and Marcus Judd!

Karan Mathur- Marketing Intern

Karan Mathur is a New York native who moved down South to “Little Hollywood,” Atlanta, Georgia to attend Georgia State University. Majoring in Marketing and involved in on-campus organizations, such as ISAC (International Student Associations Council).  Taking on the role of Lethal Rhythms’ Marketing Intern while Vice President of ICE (Indian Culture Exchange) will truly let his talent shine. Karan’s eagerness to learn, interest in graphic design, traveling, fluency in English and Hindi are a great asset to Lethal Rhythms’ team!

Marcus Judd- Website Intern

Marcus Judd, born in Louisville, Texas, but raised in Georgia is currently studying Computer Science at Kennesaw State University. His experience working in IT departments for district schools and interest in developing software will ensure his career is deemed for success. Lethal Rhythms recognizes passion is key and Marcus has it for developing software! He also enjoys international travel and culture. His experiences in England, Germany, Italy, and Mexico will bring additional insight to the Lethal Rhythms’ team!

Visit to see their work!

Lethal Rhythms: Your Style I Your Taste I Your Vision

We know many of you are very familiar with Lethal Rhythms and what we stand for, but since we are meeting new people daily, we thought for today’s post it would be a good idea to give a little overview on who Lethal Rhythms is and on all the great things we do for our clients!

Lethal Rhythms is a professional MC and DJ service, which specializes in offering
fully customizable DJ planning to clients! Lethal Rhythms is recognized by facilities
across the Southeast, including publications such as The Knot, The Atlantan, Jezebel Magazine, and more!

Customizing your event and making it unique to your taste is of the utmost
importance to Lethal Rhythms. Keeping your music style, personality and vision
in mind, Lethal Rhythms will be sure to make your night a complete success and
something you will remember forever! CEO and founder of the company, Joel Rabe
and/or his team will consult with you and personally design an event that matches your vision. The Lethal Rhythms team  has helped to create countless incredible events and has over 500 clients! Also, Joel Rabe co-authors for various bridal magazines, and he and his team have DJ’d all over the world!
His extensive knowledge and experience of the industry is what makes him and his team the best
at what they do!

Because the Lethal Rhythms DJs are Professional Mix DJs, your guests will be on the
dance floor celebrating with you all night long! We are amazing event hosts who
know how to create energy and keep things moving!

The Lethal Rhythms team of professionals is unparalleled in the market; we exceed
expectations to ensure your event is always a success!

Lethal Rhythms is the company that continually sets the standard for
professional entertainment in the Southeast. No other company in Atlanta
offers the capabilities we do. Your event will be a success – Guaranteed!”

Joel D. Rabe

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Atlanta DJ Joel Rabe and his team specialize in creating events that are unique to Your Style, Your Taste & Your Vision. Whether you are looking for an Atlanta DJ for your wedding, corporate event, mitzvah, prom or other specialized service, we can help you put together an event that will be executed flawlessly. Visit our Atlanta DJ website to learn more about out our services, including Atlanta DJsAtlanta Video ServicesAtlanta event planning and more!

Ceremony Break Down… Everything You Need to Know…

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous blog (below) , We at Lethal Rhythms were contacted by Conde Naste in New York to write an article about the new music styles and song suggestions for different parts of both the ceremony and reception. I have always believed that a bride is thrown into a situation of having to make a lot of important decisions without much expertise. We understand that this is probably your first time as a bride… and probably feel a bit overwhelmed by the entire process… The number one item that new brides have some difficulty with is the actual wedding ceremony. I thought it would be useful to break down the components of the “typical” ceremony.

Lethal Rhythms Ceremony Outline

Typical Ceremony times are 20-30 min from the time the actual procession begins (grandmothers, mother’s, etc.).

Pre Precessional (Pre Ceremony)typically 20-30 minutes of music for guests to seat. Weddings with over 100 guests should start the music 30 minutes prior to actual ceremony, unless a “keeping area” has been established for the guests. This type of wedding music is generally vocal, melodic type, some great artists to add are Vitamin string Quartet (quartet instrumentals of various folk rock songs), O Neal Brothers (piano style of classic songs). or actual vocals that match the feel or atmosphere you are looking to create.

The Processional – this when the guests are already seated and the actual wedding party begins to enter. The order is typically the following: Grandmothers, (brides grandmother then grooms grandmother)Mothers (brides mother then grooms mother)Preacher/Groom and Groomsmen Bridesmaids Ring BearerFlower Girl(s)Bride’s entrance
Unity Candle/Sand Ceremony (if applicable).

The Recessional – When the Bride and Groom, bridal party and family of both sides exit the ceremony.

Generally for the processional you would pick a song to encompass each group above. For example, one song for the grandmother(s) to enter – escorted by their husband or other person of note. (including possible usher) A new song for the mother(s) to enter. The Preacher, Groom and Groomsmen could also enter on the same song as the mothers if time allows.

If a Unity candle is present, then after both mothers have seated, they would turn to look at each other, nod and approach the altar. The bride’s mother would light the candle on the left side, and the groom’s mother would light the candle on the right hand side, leaving the larger center candle untouched.

If there is no unity candle, then the Preacher, Groom and Groomsmen could come into the end of the mother(s) song. (The Preacher/Groom/Groomsmen tend to come from a different direction the the rest of the bridal party, to avoid seeing the bride before the right time) .

The bridesmaids are next to approach the altar. A new song would signal the release of the bridesmaids. (Each bridesmaid woudl approach one at a time, approx 30 paces between – same for exiting (to allow for photos). The order would be the shortest to the tallest, ending with the maid or matron of honor, or both. In cases of both maid and matron of honor, the maid of honor would approach prior to the matron of honor.

The ring bearer (if applicable) then the flowergirls would finish the bridesmaids song.
There should be a moment prior to the bride’s entrance. The bride is on the left hand side of her Father. The Father will escort her to the altar and remain by her side until asked to deliver or give her away.I have seen a song sung or played prior to the bridal appearance. The bride comes in to her chosen track, escorted by her Father, or Mother, or Both.

At the designated time, the preacher should indicate that the guests rise out of respect for the bride and her family. When the bride approaches, she should be careful to walk slowly, so the guests can admire her entrance as well as allowing the photographer/cinematographer to capture every moment.
Once the bride reachers the altar, the preacher will welcome everyone, indicate that this day is a very important day, ask for the guests commitment to be witness, uphold and honor all that is laid out before them on this day. Then the preacher will ask who is to give up the bride (generally the father of the bride or both parents).

Once the father announces his release of the bride, the groom will step down to face his bride. The father offers her right hand and places it in the grooms left hand. The Bride then reaches out with her left hand and gives it to the groom, signaling her acceptance. This will cause them to turn and face each other.

The preacher will then continue. At this point there are variations. Generally there will be prayer, respective readings from the Bible, signification of the importance of the Marriage between husband and wife and then the vows. After the Vows are spoken the bride and groom may opt to do the Unity Candle or the Sand ceremony, both displayed here:

Unity candle – if a Unity candle is used, the bride and groom will take their respective candles (brides on left and groom’s on right) and light the center candle together. This is to signify a blending of the two families into a new family, one which cannot be separated. The bride and groom would generaly have a song for this portion of the ceremony.

Sand ceremony – same premise as the unity candle, the mothers bring the sand (if not already set up at the alter). The sand should be two seperate shades (light and dark, etc). The bride and groom each take their respective sand containers and pour them into a new container, signifying the blending of the two families, one that can not be separated. The bride and groom would generaly have a song for this portion of the ceremony.

Once the rituals and vows have been completed the Preacher will announce that by the power vested in him/her the couple are officially married. He will then invite the groom to kiss his new wife. After they kiss, he will have them turn to face their guests, and will introduce the new couple to much cheering, fanfare and applause.

The couple will then proceed down the aisle to a song of thier choosing. This can be a fun upbeat song, or something more traditional.

The bridal party will follow, (reversing the order of entry) Starting with the Maid of Honor escorted by the Best man, and then the groomsmen escorting the bridesmaids back down the aise. Then the family of the Bride and Groom proceed to go down the reverse order of seating – mothers then grandmothers.

Once the family has exited, the preacher should Thank the guests for attending, remind them of their promise to safewatch the bride and groom and then let them know where the cocktail hour will be.

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Where Do We Start?

Monday, January 5, 2009 




Wow, what a fantastic year! 2008 was truly amazing… a record year for us… you can probably tell we have not had much time to blog about all of our experiences… well, we are promising (officially) to blog a lot more.. so much info to share with the new brides…

  So why was 2008 so amazing?? There are a lot of reasons for it… from personalization of our events, to our professional mixing capabilities…. 2008 ended (culminated) and 2009 started with our biggest bash of the year – The DownTown Countdown… the New Year’s Eve celebration at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta. This was our 4th year performing and the number of people who came down was amazing! Last year there were approximately 3500 people… can’t wait to hear the official count for the 2008 countdown… Photos will be posted on our site, here. I can not tell you how many people came up to the DJ booth at that event to tell us how much fun they were having… some samples are below… we are thinking we will be the main act in 2009… keep ya posted!

Music samples from our New Years Eve bash can be sampled here.

Three days later, on January 5th, we sponsored the largest bridal show in the Southeast, the Elite Events Georgia Bridal Show…. I was honored to be chosen as an expert panelist, and was able to answer questions fielded from brides regarding music styles, dj choices, etc. Our booth was bombarded by brides wanting to know more about our services. It was a truly busy day. Phew! Approximately 700 brides came through the doors, and we have almost 300 requests for more information – including a DJ for Cabo San Lucas – now that is what I am talking about! I have to give props to one our favorite video specialists – Dustin, from indyproductions… while he was not in attendance at the event, brides still marvelled over his creations.. you can see his wedding video demo on his blog here

Another great way to start off the year was being asked by Brides Magazine to write an article about music styles and wedding personalization – past and present. That magazine is expected to hit the shelves mid to late January. I will post a link to that as soon as it is out…

 Finally… have you heard about the movie “Bride Wars” starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway? Lethal Rhythms was honored to be chosen as the corporate sponsor for the sneak preview on January 8th at Phipps Theatre. We will be giving away an IPod full of our own specialized remixes of the top dance hits in hip hop, top 40, the classics, etc. Below is the first invite… Our recap will definitely follow!

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Music is my drug, and I am addicted to it…The Starbucks Story

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 

Music is my drug, and I am addicted to it – kinda like some people are addicted to Starbucks.. So – here is my Starbucks experience from today….

Today, after a whirlwind of bridal activity, I had an evening meeting at Starbucks, which I like to refer to as the “Business Office 2.0”

I met with Carissa and her fiancee.. a great couple who plan on having their event at The Pavillion of East Cobb… a great location with a HUGE dance floor and a very professional yet classy set up… check them out at … so Carissa, the bride, was ablsolutely exstatic about her wedding and you could just feel the excitement – it was infectious…and the groom…i thought he might be in sales or something similar…because of his outgoing personality, his personal style (tie with dress shirt, but tie not pulled exactly even, his hair style, etc … why am i writing all of this? because he was a “controller”… not in the bad sense…but the job sense..a financial controller… did not see that coming…but i knew between the two of them, he with his great attitude and very entertaining sense of humor and her with her infectious happy attitude, that this event would be a smashing success…

So why blog about this couple BEFORE the big day? because of a funny story… we were sitting at Starbucks chatting and the groom pointed out another bridal couple chatting with a photographer sitting next to us… he thought it was funny and called Starbucks “The Brides Haven”… there is something to that for sure… as a vendor we try to locate an area to meet that is convenient – for both parties… and of course Starbucks are everywhere!

so back to the story… after thanking Carissa and her beau for their time, i decide to get a White chocolate mocha… my fave!

I digress! So after chatting with the Starbucks crew for a moment, the photographer (whom the groom had pointed out…) said “Hey how are you?” I know what that meant, somewhere in the past, we had worked together…He had a familiar face… and guess what… he pulls out a demo album shot in mid 2006 and shows me a few images from a wedding we worked… and there is a picture of me working the crowd… and he said to his bridal clients… this was a great event.. it was really fun….and they just smiled at me…wow… ok, i have had some pretty interesting … aka … neat… things happen…but that was one of those moments… where you just feel good about what you are doing… i had to ask for his card and told him to contact me… when he does i will post those photos and his link here…

so to wrap up … the Starbucks girls – they said.. “we listened to you during your meeting and it sounds like you really know what you are doing”… ends up two of the three girls knew someone getting married looking for a great DJ… and they wanted to pass my info along…what a great day!

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