David Guetta In The Making

If Lethal Rhythms had to choose a favorite DJ to write about their accomplishments, we would have to give recognition to David Guetta! Born in Paris, France, David Guetta became a professional producer and DJ that originally began his career in nightclubs during the 1980’s and 1990’s. One particular trait that DJ David Guetta displays is bringing in the top artists to collectively create the sickest beats.

David Guetta- Lethal Rhythms

As of today, David Guetta has released four albums, which include the following: Just A Little More Love, Guetta Blaster, Pop Life, and One Love. In addition to releasing four albums three hot singles made it to the top 5 in the US and all three made it to #1 in the UK!

Here are David’s hottest singles:

When Love Takes Over

David Guetta is known for producing the craziest beats of all time. This video is a perfect demonstration for showing his unique chameleon ability to work with a variety of music. Kelly Rowland and Guetta made an amazing team for this video. He did an incredible job creating the perfect background beats to her “romantic” themed lyrics. During the video, keep an eye out for his quirky, fun-loving side that shows as he dances and hangs with Rowland!

Gettin’ Over You

Guetta incorporates the hottest artists in this video, like Fergie, LMFAO, and Chris Willis, while showing him mixing the sickest beats. He did an astonishing job displaying how chill he is to work with. For example, when you see everyone crowd in the room as they are recording and he “just goes with the flow”. Seeing him in action, bringing in the top artists of today, and incorporating his laid back personality really brought this video to life!

Sexy Chick

This music video truly shows Guetta’s original mixing style. His beats are perfect for the club scene and put Sexy Chick on the top of the charts since its release. Guetta showed his fun; cool side when he enterd during the pool party, then got thrown into the pool! Working with Akon, another talented artist, just goes to show how unique his mixing style is.

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