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Elise Burkhart and Nick Esasky 12/27/2010

Elise Burkhart and Nick Esasky Wedding- Lethal Rhythms

The Monday after Christmas (December 27th) was more than just a Monday off for some, it was the day Elise Burkart and Nick Esasky came together as one. You may be thinking, who gets married on a Monday? But, this past Monday was their 10-year Anniversary, a date that holds a decade of their memories. Elise and Nick wrote their own vows as their dear friend Steve joined their hands in marriage. Elise ended her vows with “You know me, I know you. And the rest of our life…is about to be perfect,” while Nick’s vows ended with “Our love is endless and I will never grow tired of saying…I love you.”  The majority of couples wait to a few years after they are married to share a decade of love, support, and friendship, but Elise and Nick were fortunate to begin their marriage and their walk of life together on the same day they were claimed “girlfriend and boyfriend” 10 years ago. It was amazing to see the love they shared standing on the stage in Opera saying “I Do!”Nick Kissing his bride Elise- Lethal Rhythms

This unique couple didn’t just share their wedding day on a milestone in their relationship; they spent their special day in Opera, an event space during the day/early week, and a club on the weekends. The Opera experience is for the fun, non-traditional, party bride and groom. Nick and Elise really utilized Opera’s capabilities to give their guests an unimaginable reception.

Elise and Nick Esasky- Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

From the cocktail hour outside, in a heated tent, to the interactive food stations opened all night, this reception went from sentimental to monumental. Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails as the bride and groom had everlasting pictures taken by Joseph Hummel. As the guests filtered from the sushi station into the ballroom laid out as a lounge, Lethal Rhythms DJ Joel Rabe had them dancing to all the latest hits! When the bride and groom walked in, guests were moved by their first dance to Dr. Hook “Year’s from now.” Toasts and speeches were open to all guests, and many came to the front to share their story of Nick and Elise’s love. But as the night moved on, so did the guests, they documented their time in the Majestic Photobooth, enjoyed a beyond gorgeous wedding cake, made by Celso’s Cakes. But, as the party went “on and on and on,” it had to come to an end at midnight.

Elise and Nick with DJ Joel from Lethal Rhythms

Event coordinator, Kra (Cara) Riddell of Lethal Rhythms lined guests outside Opera along the red carpet and stairs. The guests were “armed” with spray-able snow waiting for the Mr. and Mrs. Esasky to exit into their 1947 Rolls Royce, provided by Atlanta Limousine. As the anticipation of the guests grew, Nick and Elise appeared through the doors and were covered in snow. This winter wonderland wedding, filled with feathers of silver and gold ended with white snow. It was a perfect night for a perfect couple and all captured by Lethal Video.


Here’s what Elise and Nick had to say about Lethal Rhythms:
Elise Burkart January 4 at 12:55pm report
“Hey Joel! We are hoping to get 4 copies of our wedding DVD. Is this possible? How much will we owe yall for each additional copy?

So excited to see it! Ahh!

Ya’ll were AMAZING. Exceeded every expectation. Thank you thank you 🙂 Best party of our lives for sure. Please tell Kra too, that she was awesome and we SO appreciate her for working so hard making things look THAT good.

Thank you Elise and Nick for the awesome testimonial! We enjoyed being a part of your wedding day and please continue to keep in touch with us! “

Elise with bridesmaids outside Opera Atlanta- Lethal RhythmsElise with her bridesmaids before her wedding at Opera- Lethal Rhythms


Atlanta’s Downtown Countdown 2011

MetromixHyatt Regency Atlanta

Downtown Countdown NYE

Atlanta’s all inclusive party that includes a 5 1/2 hour premium open bar, array of the Hyatt’s top notch cuisine, access to all areas of entertainment, and Atlanta’s largest balloon drop at midnight. Atlanta’s Premier All Inclusive Party is sponsored by USA Entertainment, Lindy Promotions, Metromix, Miller Lite, and Dave FM!!! In addition,  DJ Joel and Lethal Rhythms Entertainment will be providing a variety of the latest beats throughout the night! Start 2011 off with Lethal Rhythms Entertainment at the largest party in Atlanta this New Years Eve! Party starts at 8:30 PM and lasts all night til 2 AM!! For ticket information and online purchase check out Downtown Countdown today and make sure you’re at the hottest party in Atlanta this year!! 21 and up!

Miller Lite

92.9 Dave FMUSA Entertainment Atlanta

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NYE Downtown Countdown Postcard Altanta

Tips On Proposing A Wedding Toast

Champagne Toast- Lethal Rhythms

Proposing a toast is a ritual conducted all over the world. Several religions practice this daily, as an effort to honor something or someone in their life! Toasts and speeches are most popular are at weddings. Though proposing a toast may seem like a small part of a wedding tradition, it actually is important and has a purpose. By proposing a toast to the bride and groom, you are taking a moment to honor them and their joining of one.  Whether you are hand selected to speak, or just being thoughtful, giving a toast remains a memorable moment for everyone. With that being said, Lethal Rhythms researched some pointers for those who have the honor of giving a toast to review before their spotlight moment!

Things to Avoid During a Wedding Toast

Paula Luna Wedding Toast

Tips are always great to help you along the way, but they do not put the words into action! Remaining classy, elegant, and fun are the biggest reminders! Just go with the flow and speak from your heart. When it’s all said and done, you should have a satisfied and rewarding feeling about yourself. Not only did you conquer public speaking, but you just created a moment for the bride and groom to remember for a life time! Lethal Rhythms knows you can do it and we are hoping these pointers give you a basis to start from.

Bride and Groom Proposing a Toast

Please feel free to suggest any helpful tips from your own experience to help guide those in the future!

20 Random Facts About Music

Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

Lethal Rhythms decided to go outside the box and venture into the unknown! We feel we know quite a bit about music, but we came across some really interesting facts in an article this morning written by Alistair Briggs. The article is titled “20 Random Music Facts” and was posted on Musicouch. The interesting details about this article are not only the facts presented themselves, but the fact that Briggs takes you back to the very beginning of music. Did you know that the first CD was released to the public for music in 1983? (Fact #6, Aristair Briggs) A majority of our generation cannot even relate or appreciate how music was formed! The music industry is one of the leading forms of entertainment in today’s society. Take a moment to see how it all started!

20 Random Music Facts by Aristair Briggs

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen has been listed as a number one song in the UK  4 different years! (Fact #12, Aristair Briggs)

Which random fact do you find the most interesting?

Lethal Rhythms Holiday Party!

Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

Even though we have a momentary break between holidays, Lethal Rhythms continues to celebrate before the year ends! Tonight is our annual holiday party for our entire staff! This is the time of year where we will come together and cherish the wonderful year we spent as a Lethal Rhythm’s team!

Boston Market Catering- Lethal RhythmsA Tasty Pastry Catering- Lethal Rhythms







As we all know, Lethal Rhythm’s knows how to celebrate! We have goodies for everyone, games to play, and delicious dinner catered by Boston Market! As a special treat for everyone, A Tasty Pastry will be delivering their finest desserts for everyone to enjoy for the holidays!

Ross Oscar Knight Photography Atlanta Occaisions Magazine Shoot Tasty Pastry

Lethal Rhythms would like to thank all of our clients, vendors, and most importantly, our staff for making this year successful! As we celebrate tonight with our closest friends and family, lets remember all the hard work we have done this year and all the memories and friends we have made!

Holidays with Lethal Rhythms

Thank you everyone for being a part of our Lethal Rhythms Team!

Music Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade

As we approach a new decade, we begin to recap the previous and wonder what changes will occur during the next 10 years! Music and entertainment plays an enormous role in our generation today. It is a part of our everyday life that is constantly changing! Over the last decade, we have seen music change drastically; from cassette tapes, to CD’s, to downloading onto our latest, “technically hip” device. Lethal Rhythms did some research on how music will take a turn during the course of the next 10 years! Matt Rosoff, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, put together 10 fascinating Music-Tech trends that he finds will occur over the next decade! One of the most important aspects of music, is being able to access it with convenience. Online services are now improving and developing a program, in which you pay for, that allows an easier access to music through streaming. Read more about the new “upgrades” that are expected in the years to come below!

10 Music-Tech Trends that will shape the next decade

Matt Rosoff- CNET- Lethal Rhythms

Music and entertainment is ever-changing. It’s time to wonder what’s in store for us during the next decade. Stay tuned with Lethal Rhythms Blog and Facebook for more updates on music, fashion, and trends for 2011.

Year in Music 2010: Lethal Rhythms

As we are nearing the end of 2010, Lethal Rhythms would like to recognize all of the top music videos, albums, and most importantly, top artists!! As we did some research, we came across “Year in Music 2010“!! Artists of 2010 have truly changed the face of music. From the exotic and unique fashion, to the brilliant and artistic videos, to the top sold albums, 2010 really took off with style! We would like to give a special thank you to all the artists who have made 2010 the “Year in Music”!!

Year in Music 2010: Myspace- Lethal Rhythms

Before we take off with 2011, Lethal Rhythms would like to take a moment to relive 2010! Check out the following video and let us know your feedback and who your favorite artist or video was for 2010!!–1-6URBarU?fs=1&hl=en_US

Thank you from the Lethal Rhythms Team!!