AVFuel Rocks a Party at STATS-Atlanta


Image borrowed from: atlanta.visitsouth.com

On October 19, AvFuel hosted a promotional event at STATS (300 Marietta Street), after a conference at the World Congress Center. The entire space of Stats was rented out for the event, including their beer garden, with a capacity to hold 1,500 people!

DJ Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms Entertainment along with Party on the Moon, provided music (a little bit of everything) on the upstairs balcony. DJ Suspense (Spencer) of Lethal Rhythms Entertainment provided a combination of DJ/ VJ for the remainder of the venue.

DJ Joel Rabe playing hits for the crowd!


Members of 'Party on the Moon' performing!

CMT Agency models were hired to strut around the venue, posing with guests. Patrick Williams, a talented, Atlanta photographer, was hired to shoot the event, along with Lethal Video, who provided live footage of the event. Slideshows were shown throughout the venue, and were continually looping during the event.

Staff at the event showed off AvFuel Shirts, along with guests receiving some great scarves. All bar areas were utilized for the event, with many customized items for AvFuel. AvFuel knows how to host a great party!

By the end of the night, guests were chanting for an encore. This event was a great success, with great energy through the whole event!

Guests enjoying theirselves dancing the night away!

Stay Tuned for more photos of the event!

  1. What a great event – special thanks to the AVFuel Team for all of the love and support! We enjoyed working with Party on the Moon, the Stats Crew and our Video team. Additional shout out to DJ Suspense for mixing the Video live on the screens – awesome!

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