Tell-All Thursdays: Bridesmaid Dresses Your ’Maids Will Actually Want To Wear!

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Ok, so you’re getting married… You’ve got your dress and it’s the gown of your dreams! Congrats! Now, it’s time to think about your bridesmaids and which dresses they will don.

Choosing dresses for your maids is never easy. For one, all of your girls have their own distinct fashion styles and personalities, so not everyone will agree with the same gown choice. More importantly, not all body types are the same. What may look great on one girl may not be as flattering on the next. So what do you do?

Easy – that’s what today’s Tell-All Tip is for! I’m sure you’ve already chosen a color scheme so choosing a dress color should be somewhat simple. After you’ve done that, look for designers that offer two-piece dresses so that you can mix and match styles. One suggestion I’ll make is to be sure the length of the gowns is consistent. Think of what your pictures will look like without proportioned lengths. Check out these distinguished designers who offer stylish two-piece gowns!

 Here are just two beautiful styles by Watters and Watters!


Check out Alfred Angelo. They have several tops and skirts in 55 colors.


Not a fan of two piece styles? That’s OK. David’s Bridal has a huge selection of dresses in various colors, styles, and fabrics starting at just $100 per dress!

Here are just a few styles: 


Just be sure that if you are going with completely different styles for each lady, like the ones above, to have your bridesmaids choose designs from the same designer.  Although many stylists share the same color choices, dyes and fabrics vary from company to company. To keep the colors consistent, order from the same designer, at the same time, and from the same store. Believe it or not, if all of the dresses are not cut from the same cloth pieces, there is a chance that there may be some slight variances in color.

Whatever gown (or gowns, if different) you choose, I am sure your bridesmaids will not only look radiant, but will also appreciate the selection.  And if you’re still not sure what to do, talk it over with them and see what they would prefer.  As you can see from just the few choices above, your dress options are nearly endless.  So go wild with color, have fun playing dress up, and dare to be different!

Posted by Kristy L. Daube of Lethal Rhythms

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